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Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina

Tiara Jacquelina

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Tiara Jacquelina
Tiara Jacquelina

Tiara Jacquelina Abdullah (born 3 October 1967 as Jacqueline Eu) is a Malaysian actress of Burmese Chinese father and Indonesian Chinese mother. She rose to fame in "Puteri Gunung Ledang", the biggest budget movie in Malaysia to date, in which she played the lead role, and sang the theme song, "Asmaradana". The movie was No. 49 on the short-list of the Best Foreign Film Category at the Academy Awards in 2004. Following the success of the movie, Tiara moved on to translate it on to the stage with the successful Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical.

Tiara has also co-acted with Academy Award winner, Frances McDormand, who played the lead role in the movie, Beyond Rangoon (1995). In the 12th Malaysia Film Festival that year, she won the best actress award in the movie, "Ringgit Kasorrga", a social drama concerning a sex scandal involving a politician and young models. She was named Choice Actress at the Fourth Oskar Awards, organized by the Film Workers Association of Malaysia in 2005.

Tiara, holds the Malaysian honorific title Datin Seri, has been involved in the arts at a very early stage. While at school, she was part of the Theatre Society, the Literary Society, and was the President of the Film Society. She enjoys horse-riding as a form of relaxation with her family, good food, and painting. Tiara is the mother of two children, Hani Karmila (9) and Mohd Eridani (6).

Her husband is Dato' Seri Mohd Effendi Norwawi, a senator and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in Malaysia. She converted to Islam and was previously married to actor, celebrity and host of Wheel of Fortune's Malaysia Roda Impian Hani Mohsin Hanafi (who passed away suddenly on 25 July 2006).


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